2015 Publishing Schedule

2015 Publishing Schedule

Every issue features an eye-catching cover story and photo, complimented by an array of engaging content.

Boomers Today – Blooming Boomers
Cover Story: Boomers Getting Down and Dirty and Enjoying the Benefits of Gardening
Companion Article: Master Gardeners/Extension
Beacon of Hope and Charlie’s Pie Hospice Fundraiser
Boomer Biker
Editorial Deadline – December 19th

Living Today – What’s a Weekend?” The Downton Abbey Issue
Cover Story: Downton Abbey
Companion Article: Highclere Castle
Front Porch Recipes: High Tea
Editorial Deadline – December 19th
Ad Deadlines – Both Publications – December 19th
Construction Material Deadline – December 22nd
Completed Artwork Deadline – December 24th
Publications Delivered – January 21st

Living Today – NASCAR Wife
Cover Story: Crystal Hornish – the Woman behind Indy 500 Winner &NASCAR Driver Sam Hornish
Companion Article: Host a NASCAR Tailgate Party
Ad & Editorial Deadline – January 30th
Construction Material Deadline – February 2nd
Completed Artwork Deadline – February 5th
Publications Delivered – February 18th

Boomers Today – Springing to Life
Cover Story: Nature’s Nursery – Jeff Gee, Defiance Area Wildlife Transporter
Companion Article: The Butterfly House
Boomer Biker
Editorial Deadline – February 20th

Living Today – Urban Chicks
Cover Story: Raising Backyard Chickens
Companion Article: Gardening 101
Toledo Mudhens College Intern Program
Editorial Deadline – February 27th
Ad Deadline – Both Publications – February 27th
Construction Materials Deadline – March 2nd
Completed Artwork Deadline – March 5th
Publications Delivered – March 18th

Living Today – Nurses Make It Better: National Nurses’ Day, May 6, 2015
Cover Story: Area Nurse Making a Real Difference – Mercy Health
Companion Article: May – National Digestive Diseases Recognition Month – Crohn’s, IBS, etc.
Ad & Editorial Deadline – March 27th
Construction Material Deadline – March 30th
Completed Artwork Deadline – April 2nd
Publication Delivered – April 15th

Boomers Today – Hot for Ohio! The All Ohio Issue
Cover Story: Our Ohio History: how we got our shape and other interesting stories
Companion Article: Ahoy! Ohio! National Museum of the Great Lakes
Boomer Biker: Ride along the Ohio River – one of Ohio’s greatest natural wonders.
Lake Erie and the Maumee Watershed – Jen English
REA: Bringing Light to Rural Ohio – Jane Nice
Ohio slogans, seal, symbols, etc.
Ohio Products: Spangler Candy – Bryan, Wilson Footballs – Ada, Kitchenaid – Greenville, Libbey Glass – Toledo, Smucker – Orrville, Swan Creek Candles – Swanton, Pappy’s Sassafras Tea – Columbus Grove, Tony Packo’s – Toledo, Carruth Sculptures – Waterville, Cooper Farms – Oakwood
Editorial Deadline – April 24th

Living Today – Who Let the Kids Out? The Summer Survival Guide
Cover Story: Ohio Amusement and Water Parks
Companion Article: Have a Safe, Fun Summer: first aid hints for parents; when to go to the ER
Editorial Deadline – May 1st
Ad Deadline – Both Publications – May 1st
Construction Materials Deadline – May 4th
Completed Artwork Deadline – May 7th
Publications Delivered -May 20th

Living Today – Volunteer Vacations
Cover Story: Anna and Hope Taft’s Tandana Foundation – Pat Pahl’s experiences spending vacations volunteering with Tandana
Companion Article: Couples Who Volunteer
Ad & Editorial Deadline – May 29th
Construction Material Deadline – June 1st
Completed Artwork Deadline – June 4th
Publication Delivered – June 17th

Boomers Today – That 70’s Issue
Cover Story: Nostalgic Look at the 70’s: Fashions, Fads & Facts
Companion Article: Iconic TV Shows or Cars of the 70’s
Front Porch Recipes: Your Mom’s Favorite Recipes
Editorial Deadline – June 19th

Living Today – Performing Arts in Northwest Ohio
Cover Story: Andrew Schultz, director of Defiance College Vocal Music and Defiance Community Cultural Council
Companion Article: Area Community Theatres and Their Upcoming Productions
Editorial Deadline – June 26
Ad Deadline – Both Publications – June 26th
Construction Materials Deadline – June 29th
Completed Artwork Deadline – July 2nd
Publications Delivered – July 15th

Living Today – Northwest Ohio Fall Festivals
Cover Story: Rundown of Area Fall Festivals and Fairs
Companion Article: Oakwood Homecoming – a Tradition of Celebrating Home Town
Ad & Editorial Deadline – July 31st
Construction Material Deadline – August 3rd
Completed Artwork Deadline – August 6th
Publication Delivered – August 19th

Boomers Today – Native Americans
Cover Story: Native Americans of Ohio
Companion Article: The Faces of Little Bighorn – the Art of David Humphreys Miller at Wassenberg ArtCenter, Van Wert
When Roles Reverse: Caring for Aging Parents
Editorial Deadline – August 21st

Living Today – Riding in Cars with Kids
Cover Story: When Your Teen Takes the Wheel
Companion Article: Avoid Car Seat Mistakes
Editorial Deadline – August 28th
Ad Deadline – Both Publications – August 28th
Construction Materials Deadline – August 31st
Completed Artwork Deadline – September 3rd
Publications Delivered -September 16th

Living Today – Now Showing! Movie Night!
Cover Story: How to Throw an Amazing Movie Night
Companion Article: Classic Movies Every Kid Should See
Ad & Editorial Deadline – October 2nd
Construction Material Deadline – October 5th
Completed Artwork Deadline – October 8th
Publication Delivered – October 21st

Boomers Today – Eat, Drink and Shop Local!
Cover Story: You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Buy Local! Downtown Shopping in our Communities
Companion Article: A Pinterest Christmas
Editorial Deadline – October 23rd

Living Today – Over the Top Christmas
Cover Story: Head Over Heels Christmas – person(s) who immerses themselves in Christmas through volunteering or community involvement, unusual or long-celebrated family tradition, or through creativity: cooking, baking, decorating, handmade gifts
Companion Article: Santa Claus Diary: Recollections of a Volunteer Santa
Editorial Deadline – October 30th
Ad Deadline – Both Publications – October 30th
Construction Materials Deadline – November 2nd
Completed Artwork Deadline – November 5th
Publications Delivered – November 18th

Living Today – Art for Every Day
Cover Story: Wassenberg ArtCenter, Van Wert, an Abandoned Armory Transformed
Companion Article: Girls’ Craft Night Out
Ad & Editorial Deadline – November 27th
Construction Material Deadline – November 30th
Completed Artwork Deadline – December 3rd
Publication Delivered – December 16th